Fall Group Exercise Class Schedule


Free Classes: September 11th - 22nd

Class pass: $25 per semester or $45 for year pass. No cost for staff and faculty

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            All classes are for all abilities. Classes are first come, first served.    
                           Cycle room will open 15 minutes before the start of class                                                                                                               
                          * symbol classes require registration and an additional cost. 



    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:45am   Body Sculpt  Charyn 50 mins  room 101   Cycle               Charyn , 50 min room 107   Body Sculpt  Charyn 50 mins room 101  
11am             Saturday Sweat*       Megan 90 min room 107
12:10pm   Barre           Bridget  50 min room 101

Cycle                             Maureen 40 min

room 107

Kettlebell               Maureen 50 min room 101 Cycle                    Maureen 40 min   room 107 Cycle                    Maureen 40 min   room 107  
12:10pm     Pink Gloves Boxing*                 room 101   Pink Gloves Boxing*                room 101    
5pm   Yoga         Alyssa 1 hour room 101


     Maureen 40 min

room 107

TRX                 Megan  50 min room 101      
5:15pm         Yoga Essentials          Josh  1 hr           room 101    

Yoga                                    Alyssa 1 hour 

room 101


Kolby 1 hour                      room 101

6pm       Cycle                  Megan  50 min  room 107      
6:30pm   Pink Gloves Boxing*                room 101     Yoga Flow                   Josh  1 hr              room 101    



Barre - low weight and body weight isometic strength training will challenge and tone your body with high reps of small range of motion movements
Body Sculpt - This muscle toning class works on the whole body with a focus on core strength through the use of bars, free weights and body weight exercises
Cycle - this aerobic, fat burning and strength building class is the perfect way to get a short productive workout. Classes will vary between endurance, strength and interval courses.                                                                                                                                                                         All participants must bring a water bottle to class. 
Kettlebell - this strength and cardio building class uses kettlebell weights combined with whole body movements
TRX - build strength and balance using body weight exercises with the suspension system
Yoga Essentials - this slow flow class is a great way to end your day and bring mindfulness to your practice.   
Yoga Flow - focus on your breathing while you flow from pose to pose, building strength and flexibility. Options are given for making each pose more challenging or simpler. 
Zumba  - fun and energizing music will get you dancing in this aerobic class. Fast and slow rhythms will help tone and challenge your body. No dance experience needed! 

Special Programming

Saturday Sweat - This special 5 week class will challenge you with 90 minutes of working hard. Participants will work their whole body with strength training and cardio in this class with a cycle class and TRX class combined. $5 cost per class and pre-registration is required. Register online at stonehillskyhawks.com/recreation
Pink Gloves Boxing - Join our new community program that enourages women's empowerment through boxing drills and combinations, circuit training and personal development. Go to stonehillskyhawks.com/recreation for more information and how to sign up