Barre - low weight and body weight isometic strength training will challenge and tone your body with high reps of small range of motion movements.

Bootcamp - strength training and aerobic exercise will get your heart pumping in this fun class.

Body Sculpt - This muscle toning class works on the whole body with a focus on core strength through the use of bars, free weights and body weight exercises.

Cycle - this aerobic, fat burning and strength building class is the perfect way to get a short productive workout. Classes will vary between endurance, strength and interval courses.  All participants must bring a water bottle to class. 

TRX - build strength and balance using body weight exercises with the suspension system Yoga Essentials - this slow flow class is a great way to end your day and bring mindfulness to your practice.   

Mellow Flow Yoga - unwind from your day with this gentle yoga practice. Slower movements allow for practice and comfort with positions.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow - focus on your breathing while you flow from pose to pose, building strength and flexibility. Options are given for making each pose more challenging or simpler. 

Zumba  - fun and energizing music will get you dancing in this aerobic class. Fast and slow rhythms will help tone and challenge your body. No dance experience needed!